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If you would like to dramatically increase your confidence in speaking and become a dynamic and engaging communicator you have come to the right place! Try this test

Voice and Speech Coaching

Leading English exists to educate your voice, refine your speech and increase your confidence. Whether it is a simple greeting or the negotiation of a multimillion dollar deal, the way you speak makes all the difference. Your voice instils confidence, your ability to articulate lends authority.

We offer keynote speeches, courses for native English speakers and those from non-English speaking backgrounds; and personal coaching for native English speakers and those from non-English speaking backgrounds on every aspect of speaking.

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Our approach is practical and outcome oriented and at the same time meaningful and transformational. Our approach connects the ancient skills of oration with the modern techniques of presentation and persuasion.

Confidence in Speaking

The quality of your voice is crucial to your ability to speak and communicate effectively. Using your voice well will enable you to connect, lead, inspire and help change the world for the better.

We work with Businesses, Organisations and Individuals. Our services draw on a unique combination of speech pathology, stage experience, speech and language instruction and are of value to native English speakers as well to people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

As voice coaches we use our expertise to identify limiting speaking habits and teach you to develop and enjoy the power of your voice.

Take some time to explore our different options so that you can decide which option suits you best, or register now for one of our courses.

Try this test

If you are unsure whether you are in the right place
try this simple experiment.
Go to your telephone or answering machine
and leave a voicemail message.
Listen to the message - do you like what you hear?
What does your voice convey to you – Reliability? Commitment?
Leadership? Intelligence?
If you don’t think that your message will be effective –
or if you’d like to sound more confident and assuring,
then Leading English is for you.

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Barbara Baldwin NSAA
Barbara is a Professional Member of the NSAA


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